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Recent Recoveries

Our law firm has recently recovered VGLI benefits for a client entangled in a life insurance beneficiary dispute. Our client’s VGLI claim had been denied after a competing claimant filed a claim for the proceeds of the same VGLI policy. The insurance company refused to pay the life insurance proceeds and was preparing to file a lawsuit. Our experienced life insurance lawyer working on the case worked hard on making sure the client’s right to the VGLI benefits was protected. Putting in great effort and dedication paid off when the insurance company issued a check to our client less than a month later. Our life insurance attorney worked zealously to ensure the denied life insurance claim was recovered fast. The client was satisfied with how fast his life insurance claim paid.

Q:        My VGLI claim has been denied. What are my rights?


A:         A VGLI claim may be denied for various reasons. If your life insurance claim has been denied, you have the right to appeal the denial of VGLI benefits.


Q:        Can a VGLI insured change beneficiaries at any time without the previous beneficiary’s consent?


A:         Yes. A veteran covered by VGLI may change beneficiaries on his policy at any time and without the previous beneficiary’s consent.


Q:        Who should I contact if I suspect fraud in a last-minute beneficiary change?


A:         If an insured filed a last-minute beneficiary change on a VGLI policy and passed away shortly thereafter, family members and friends often have questions about the legality of the beneficiary change. Many may suspect undue influence, duress and fraud. Speak with an experienced life insurance lawyer to evaluate your case.


Q:        Why is my VGLI claim delayed?


A:         A VGLI claim may be delayed because the insurer has not received all the documents it needs to pay a claim. Another common reason for a life insurance claim delay is a competing claim filed by another individual.


Q:        Do I need an attorney to dispute a VGLI claim denial?


A:         Many of our clients come to us after unsuccessfully having tried to collect a denied life insurance claim for several months or even years. If your life insurance claim has been denied, have a free consultation with an experienced life insurance lawyer to understand how they can help you recover the denied claim. Life insurance laws are complex and litigation can be lengthy and expensive. A VGLI lawyer can help you recover your denied claim faster and with less expense.


Q:        The insurance company denied my VGLI claim and refused to provide me with any information. What are my legal rights?


A:         An insurer’s refusal to provide you with any information may signal that you are not the designated beneficiary under the VGLI policy in question. Speak with a VGLI attorney to understand your rights.


Q:        I cannot afford a life insurance lawyer. May I fight a life insurance claim denial without an attorney?


A:         Many life insurance attorneys do not charge a fee up front and will only deduct a legal fee out of your recovery when (and if) you win your case. You may work with an excellent experienced life insurance lawyer who will not cost you anything until you win your denied life insurance case and get paid. Our attorneys offer a flexible reasonable contingent fee structure and will not get paid unless you win your case.


Q:        Why did the insurance company deny my claim if I am the most recent beneficiary on a VGLI policy?


A:        If you are, in fact, the most recent beneficiary on a VGLI policy, you have a claim for benefits provided the beneficiary designation is valid. Read about beneficiary designation requirements on our website or call (888) 510-2212 for a free consultation.


Call (888) 510-2212 for a free consultation.