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Recent Recoveries

Our law firm has recently recovered VGLI benefits for a client entangled in a life insurance beneficiary dispute. Our client’s VGLI claim had been denied after a competing claimant filed a claim for the proceeds of the same VGLI policy. The insurance company refused to pay the life insurance proceeds and was preparing to file a lawsuit. Our experienced life insurance lawyer working on the case worked hard on making sure the client’s right to the VGLI benefits was protected. Putting in great effort and dedication paid off when the insurance company issued a check to our client less than a month later. Our life insurance attorney worked zealously to ensure the denied life insurance claim was recovered fast. The client was satisfied with how fast his life insurance claim paid.

VGLI provides life insurance coverage to veterans. When veterans apply for VGLI, they are asked to complete a beneficiary designation form. The individual listed in the form can file a claim to receive the proceeds under a VGLI policy after an insured veteran’s death. To receive VGLI benefits, a beneficiary needs to submit proof of death and supporting documents. Once the necessary documents are filed, benefits are paid within 30 days (or reasonable time depending on the circumstances of the case) . What happens, however, if another individual (who is not the designated beneficiary on the VGLI policy) also files claim for benefits under the same policy?