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Recent Recoveries

Our law firm has recently recovered VGLI benefits for a client entangled in a life insurance beneficiary dispute. Our client’s VGLI claim had been denied after a competing claimant filed a claim for the proceeds of the same VGLI policy. The insurance company refused to pay the life insurance proceeds and was preparing to file a lawsuit. Our experienced life insurance lawyer working on the case worked hard on making sure the client’s right to the VGLI benefits was protected. Putting in great effort and dedication paid off when the insurance company issued a check to our client less than a month later. Our life insurance attorney worked zealously to ensure the denied life insurance claim was recovered fast. The client was satisfied with how fast his life insurance claim paid.

VGLI, or Veterans’ Group Life Insurance, is a program that is designed to provide life insurance coverage to veterans. It is available to former servicemembers who have separated from service. VGLI was established in 1974 under the Veterans’ Insurance Act. The Prudential Insurance Company of America for the Department of Veterans Affairs administers the VGLI program.


Who is Eligible for VGLI?


Eligible VGLI participants are:


  • Servicemembers who had SGLI (Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance) and were released from active duty or active duty for training under a call or order to duty that does not specify a period of less than 31 days;
  • Members of the Ready Reserves/National Guard who had SGLI and separated, retired or were released from assignment;
  • Individuals assigned to the IRR of a branch of service or to the Inactive National Guard (ING) and members of the United States Public Health Service Inactive Reserve Corps (IRC);
  • Servicemembers who had part-time SGLI and who, while performing a duty, suffered an injury/disability that rendered them uninsurable at standard premium rates.


Applying for VGLI


In order to qualify for VGLI, a servicemember must apply for VGLI within one year and 120 days from the date he/she separated from service. No VGLI coverage is after the 1-year and 120-day eligibility period passes. If a member applies for VGLI within 240 days from the date he separated from service, no questions about the applicant’s medical history are asked. If, however, a member applies for VGLI outside the 240-day period, he must disclose his medical history by answering medical questions on the VGLI application.


Denied VGLI Claims


In a difficult time like the death of a spouse, a denial letter from the insurance company may put a veteran’s family in a financial crisis. The VGLI benefits may be needed to pay funeral expenses, medical debt, rent or mortgage payments or everyday expenses. If your VGLI claim has been denied, you do not have to accept the insurance company’s refusal to pay as the final word. As a VGLI beneficiary you have the right to appeal.


Replying to the insurer’s denial letter is the beginning of the appeal process. For VGLI claim denials, responding to a denial letter is the first most important step. Since VGLI claims are controlled by many restrictions, beneficiaries may think that they have more time to respond to a denial than they really do. To ensure that you do not miss an important deadline in the appeal process, speak with an experienced VGLI attorney.


How a VGLI Attorney Can Help


When a VGLI claim is delayed for more than 30 days or denied, getting the help of an experienced attorney may be the best decision you make in regard to recovering your VGLI benefits. VGLI attorneys at our firm handle many life insurance claim denials daily and understand the reasons for the denial.


If you are a VGLI beneficiary and have questions about your VGLI benefits, we are here to help. Our law firm helps VGLI beneficiaries file, expedite and collect life insurance claims. A VGLI claim can be denied for many reasons and the process of collecting a denied VGLI claim is complicated. This is the reason a denied VGLI claim should not be handled without the assistance of an experienced life insurance attorney specializing in Veterans’ Group Life Insurance laws. Our VGLI attorneys will guide you through recovering delayed or denied benefits under a VGLI policy. If your VGLI claim is delayed or denied, call our VGLI lawyers for help.


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